Techline Services provides all drilling supplies and consumables needed in the mining industry, surface or underground. We are a major provider from drilling additives to bolting systems. Any consumable, Techline will provide including, tricones, drilling fluids, drill parts, ventilation equipment, pipe fittings, bolting systems, bentonite, down hole hammers, top hammers, drill steel, threaded bits, tapered bits, down hole bits, air decking bags, drill subs, deck bushings, and shock subs.

Techline provides all tapered and threaded drill steel and bits that you may need in all sizes and types including ballistic, semi-ballistic, spherical, and spiked.

To request a quote or if you have any questions, feel free to contact one of our sales representatives.

Techline’s hammer specialists can fix, repair, or replace any existing or potential problem with your down hole hammer.

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Hammer Parts
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Steel Tooth bit for waterwell drilling. IADC code 3-2-3. Regular circulation, jet nozzles not used. All fluid passes through the center of the bit. Steel tooth cutting structure with full tooth profiles. Fluid bearing, with gage protection on the cones to help maintain the hole diameter. Bit meets API specifications for overall diameter. For drilling formations less than 8,000 psi (55 MPa).

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